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Remember the last time you looked at your cable TV bill?

Mind-blowing, wasn’t it?

There’s a fee for everything — even things you didn’t know you’re getting. Every line item has a name, and some of those names are so jargoney and complicated and indecipherable that they don’t tell you a thing about what you’re paying for. By the time you get to the bottom line on the last page, it seems like you’re being charged by the word on the bill, and you wonder, “How does the total get that high?” Then … you pay it.

Now, when is the last time you took a good look at the telecom bills for your business?

You’re not the problem

Here’s the thing — Your cable bill and your telecom bills have something in common: They’re written they way they are to comply with the law, not to be clear to you. Those laws are unbelievably complicated. They allow for all kinds of fees. Now multiply all those fees by your wireless account, your voice account and your data account, and you don’t even know what you’re paying for anymore. And your providers? They don’t really care if you understand anything except the number at the bottom and the address to send the check.

There’s a solution. It’s called TEM: Telecom Expense Management. It takes all of those pages of all of those fees and services and organizes them into one, easy-to-navigate portal that anyone can understand. You’ll know what all those numbers mean. And knowing the numbers means you can control them.

A TEM solution from one of our providers can give you:

  • Easy access to comprehensive reporting of all your telecom services in one place, rather than flipping through pages and pages of invoices — going back as many as six years.
  • Real-time auditing of telecom services you may be overpaying for.
  • Optimization of your cellular service plan and usage to be sure you’re getting what your business needs, not what a sales rep on the phone is trying to sell you.
  • A single environment where your IT department can troubleshoot and confirm what they have, and where your accounting department can review invoices and make payments.
  • Documentation that lets you see if a telecom vendor isn’t living up to their contract, or gives you leverage to negotiate a better deal.

In a sentence, TEM means easily managing your wireless, voice and data accounts, giving you the control you need to reduce your risk and bring down your costs.

There. That’s a lot easier to understand than a cable bill.

Talk to us about TEM for your business. We represent the top solution providers in this space, and we’re ready to help you find the best TEM solution to meet your needs.

Remember: Your telecom bills are just a numbers game. And whoever controls the numbers controls the costs.

We want that to be you.

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